Nitrogen generators offer bars and restaurants a reliable, safe, convenient, highly pure and economical source of nitrogen gas. The nitrogen can be used to dispense wine and when blended with CO2, for dispensing draft beer. Cylinder gas sources can be cumbersome, hazardous and inconsistent, causing downtime and product quality issues.

The generator separates nitrogen from the air and then places it in a holding tank. This nitrogen supply directly pressurizes a wine system and for draft beer, with an onboard gas blender, it is mixed with CO2 from a bulk system. Overall, no worries about running out of gas or downtime, due to an endless supply of nitrogen gas from a nitrogen generator.

In addition to never having to worry about running low on gas, product quality is maintained. Unlike cylinder gas, an ultra pure source of nitrogen from the generator is realized for wine. When mixed at the correct ratios with non-contaminated CO2 from a closed bulk system, assures that the customer receives a beer as the brewer intended. Not a flat beer that is oxidized or has an off taste from contaminated gas.

Haven’t changed your mind yet? Beer with an off taste discourages resale. Remember that pint you may have experienced that was flat. Doubtful you ordered another. When beer does not have the correct amount of gas content, it is difficult to dispense with a great looking foam collar. Normally flat beer results in giving free beer way since the glass is overfilled with no foam head.

For every $100 keg that becomes flat due to improper gas mixes or oxidation, this results in an average revenue loss of $20 due to the overfill. If 10 kegs sold per week, this would add up to an $800 loss per month. The nitrogen generator / bulk CO2 system, available through lease programs for around $200 per month, eliminates this loss. Hopefully the additionally $600 per month is convincing.

Since there are no cylinders to move around on a crowded Friday night, there are no worries with regulators to change or adjust. No more frustrations with locating a wrench and high-stress levels with the safety issues surrounding relocating cylinders. Did we mention no downtime due to gas outages during this busy time? No need to call the gas company to order cylinders. The nitrogen generator runs on demand and with a lease, it is maintained and the bulk CO2 tank is filled on a scheduled basis.

Today, the technology exists where a pressure system protects your investment in the kegs, encourages resale, requires nominal maintenance, eliminates headaches with cylinders, minimizes leaks, is safe and above all, reduces cost. Advantage – nitrogen generator.

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