Services and maintenance programs

DraftPro Systems offers a variety of regular service and maintenance of your remote draft beer system, whether we installed it or not.

Where Are You?

DraftPro Systems has a variety of service and maintenance programs and procedures. We custom design and price programs to meet your needs and budget. Maintenance plans vary due to travel distance and availability. To get a quote on service plans contact us. 

Preventative Maintenance and Service Plans

Maintaining your long-draw or remote draft beer system is essential to delivering a consistent product to y9our customers. The best and most cost-effective way to ensure this is to have a regular, preventative service and maintenance program. Small, unseen issues that go untreated lead to bigger, much more costly failures in the future. With this in mind, DraftPro Systems service plans include the following:

  • Glycol Chiller/Power Pack
    Clean condenser. Check air flow. Clean circulator air intake. Inspect pump assembly and check thermostat is working properly. Check glycol and refract, regenerate or replace if needed.
  • Beer Lines and Components
    Check for leaks or cracks in beer lines. Ensure the FOB is working properly. Pressure check system with ulta-sonic leak detector.
  • Air System
    Tighten all gas nuts on keg couplers. Inspect air system components and lines for damage. Pressure test system.
  • Temperature Check
    Properly record walk-in cooler, glycol chiller and dispense temperatures.
  • Consult
    Provide results and advise on any steps necessary to maintain proper operation.

Rescue Clean and Beer Line Reset

If you haven’t been cleaning your lines properly, you may need a beer line “reset.” We use a highly concentrated cleaning solution that removes all stone, mold and other microbes that can grow in beer lines. This will ensure that the beer you serve tastes just as the brewer intended even if it has been a long time since your lines were cleaned.

If you’re unsure as to when the last time your beer lines were cleaned, you probably don’t have a pro-active, regular line cleaning program. If so, you would probably benefit from a line reset. Also, if your lines are yellow, cracking, molding or leaving sediments in beer…contact us.


trunkline Replacement

Your trunkline is essential to providing consistent, quality beer. The trunkline refers to the moisture barrier wrap, outer jacket or tape, barrier tubing and the glycol lines that surround your beer lines from the cooler to the faucet. The trunkline maintains optimal temperature, prevents condensation and keeps off-flavors from entering beer lines.

Trunklines installed prior to 2010 have a life expectancy of about 10 years. Newer trunklines, benefiting from the latest materials and technology, has a life expectancy of about 15 years. If your trunkline was install prior to 2010, we recommend having it inspected to ensure there are no issues.

Glycol Service and Replacement

Propylene Glycol is the food-grade antifreeze that refrigerates the trunkline, which insulates your beer line from the cooler to the dispensing towers. So, this is important. If you’re using a cheaper or lower quality anti-freeze solution you should reconsider using USP -grade glycol. High-quality glycol is able to handle recirculation systems, lubricates the pumps, and does not helps prevent equipment damage.

Checking the glycol levels in your system is essential. If there is not enough glycol in your draft beer system, the pump can freeze and cause damage. If there is too much glycol, the cooling system will lose efficiency. Glycol levels should be checked every quarter and should be replaced annually.

Jumper Line Replacement

Jumper lines are the vinyl tubes that run from the keg to the trunkline. They are typically 6 ft. in length. These lines need to be replaced regularly as vinyl is porous and absorbs flavor. This can cause cross-flavor contamination. Also, normal wear and tear causes lines to become loose, broken or leaky. They should be inspected regularly, but a good rule of thumb is to replace the jumper lines when you replace your glycol annually.

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