If you’re the owner of a bar, pub, restaurant, or any other establishment that serves draft beer, then you’ve probably spent considerable time pondering the pros and cons of different beer dispense systems.

Whether you’re installing a new system or upgrading an old one, I’m sure you’ve thought about installing a kegerator under the bar counter, where it’s very near the faucet. This is appealing because it reduces the likelihood of temperature problems, foam, and wasted product. But do you really want to cart your beer kegs through a crowd of customers? Do you have enough space to fit a three, four, or five faucet kegerator at the bar?

You’ve also probably considered a remote dispense system, where the kegs are stored in a walk-in cooler and beer is pumped to the faucets through beer lines installed throughout the building. But the beer may have to travel hundreds of feet to reach the faucet… so how can you be sure the product maintains a consistent temperature over the entire length of the tubing? After all, even the slightest change in temperature can cause foaming and quality problems at the faucet.

What you may not have considered, however, is using trunklines. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, trunkline is specially insulated beer tubing (sometimes referred to as a beer “snake” or “python”) that weaves remotely through a building carrying beer from the keg cooler to the faucet. Unlike normal beer lines, trunklines can dispense beer long distances with no foam waste while maintaining product quality and temperature…just as if the beer was coming from a kegerator behind the bar.

Not all python is created equal, though. To truly maintain temperature consistency, you need to use high-quality trunkline. High-quality trunklines use an inner bonded liner that is designed to be an extension of the keg. This liner protects the brewers’ creation while transporting it to the customer’s glass at the desired temperature. Think of the tubing as being glass-lined, as if you were picking up the keg and pouring the beer directly into the glass.

You want two products dispensed? No problem: the trunklines are available with up to 14 product tubes and either 1/4″, 5/16″ or 3/8″ inside diameter.

There are other reasons bars and restaurants use trunklines. To begin with, it is designed and manufactured to eliminate heat fostering condensation build-up with a tight vapor barrier wrap. The foil and insulation layers keep the cold inside, where it belongs, making it very effective at maintaining temperature. This reduces energy requirements for the refrigeration unit (power pack) and minimizes the amount of food grade glycol/water mixture that the power pack circulates along the beer tubing. Glycol wears out, and is expensive to replace. That means the Black Diamond® trunkline can reduce operating costs…and lower overhead is always appealing!

So, whether you’re considering a new install or pondering an upgrade, DraftPro Systems has a trunkline for you!  It’s a great way to enhance product quality, lower operating costs, and increase overall profits…on what is already a very profitable beverage!

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