Here at ProDraft Systems, we tend to focus on the technical details of beer like cooling systems, keg couplers, beer lines, etc. All of these things are critical for getting top-quality, great-tasting beer from the keg to the glass…but sometimes, we need to focus on the actual glass! Here’s a quick and handy guide to bar glassware for all the different types of beer that you’re likely to serve.

The Pint Glass

This classic glass, also called a tumbler, is the most frequently used of all beer glasses. It is appropriate for almost all varieties of beer, and it’s used in pretty much every beer-serving venue around the world.

The Pilsner Glass

Tall, slim, and trumpet-shaped, a pilsner glass is designed to highlight the color and carbonation for which pilsners are known.

The Weizen Glass

These tall glasses are designed to show off the beautiful color and aroma of wheat beers and to allow enough space for the foamy head.

The Chalice/Goblet

These stemmed glasses with wide rims are most appropriate to Trappist beers and beers of similar quality. They maintain the beer head and show off the sparkle of the brew.

The Tankard

These classic glasses have handles perfect for raising your glass. They’re generally used for ales and stouts, as well as Oktoberfest beers.

Though this list is by no means exhaustive, it’s a great beginning for choosing the perfect glassware for your beers on tap! And don’t underrate the importance of “brewery clean” glassware.

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