In a perfect world, a car would never need maintenance or repairs. It would never break down, run out of gas, or require a tune-up. The same can be said about a keg beer dispense system: in a perfect world, your beer system would be an endless source of delicious draft beer. You’d never have to troubleshoot problems or perform repairs.

Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world. Even the most expensive, well-built car can occasionally leave you stranded on the side of the road. What your car does inevitably break down, you can take the car to a skilled mechanic or a buy a repair manual. But what can you do when you run into troubles with your beer dispense setup? What if your faucets won’t pour anything but foam? What if your beer tastes funny, or your kegerator is making a strange grinding sound? If you run into these sorts of problems and need expert assistance, head over to the Micro Matic Dispense Forum. The forum is home to many draft beer enthusiasts and dispense gurus who can help answer your questions and work with you to solve problems.

Whether you’re working on a huge commercial draft beer setup or a home kegerator, you’re bound to get some good advice at the Micro Matic Dispense Forum. Here’s what one forum member, Rob (aka “voodoo lounge”), said about the Micro Matic Forum…

“This forum contains every answer to every problem you will ever encounter when setting up your draft beer dispensing equipment …I have had most every problem everyone else has had including foam, pressure, lines, cleaning issues, temperature and evaporator icing…All issues are under control and I enjoy good cold draft beer when I get home from work every day. Thanks a million to MM Scott and all the Moderators. You folks have been a tremendous help to me.”

Best of all, the Micro Matic Dispense Forum is a community of beer enthusiasts. When you’re not troubleshooting dispense problems or discussing the latest equipment, you can discuss your favorite beer or participate in the many other beer-related topics.

To sign up a for a free account and join the discussion, head over to the Micro Matic Forum signup page.

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