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Stop Pouring Profits Down the Drain

FOBs installed in a long draw draft beer system will reduce beer waste and increase beer profits. The purpose of this article is to describe how an FOB works, and to explain how using an FOB(s) can increase profits from draft beer sales when installed on a long draw...

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Build Your Dream Draft System

When you’re building up your restaurant or bar business, there are a number of things that you’ll be thinking about that range from the technical to the aesthetic to the mundane. On the technical side, your draft beer system should be one of your primary...

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Your Brief Guide to Glassware

Here at ProDraft Systems, we tend to focus on the technical details of beer like cooling systems, keg couplers, beer lines, etc. All of these things are critical for getting top-quality, great-tasting beer from the keg to the glass...but sometimes, we need to focus on...

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How to Handle the Handles

Beer tap handles come in many sizes, shapes and designs. For the breweries the beer tap handle is designed to advertise a brand logo and support a life style theme – it tells you “what’s on tap”. With the introduction of kegerators and the growth of the home draft...

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Direct-Draw Draft Beer Systems

Introduction A direct draw beer dispensing system is a self-contained, thermostatically controlled refrigeration unit, in which one or more kegs of beer are stored at an optimum temperature of 38° F. This system is equipped with beer dispensing hardware and 3/16"...

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Beer Faucet Basics

One of the most important components of a draft beer system, and often the most overlooked, is the faucet. If a faucet is properly maintained, the beer will flow through the faucet smooth and silky. If the faucet is not kept clean or damaged it can cause the beer to...

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Educational Video Library

Some of the videos we highlight and select to help you understand more about draft beer systems were created by other companies or individuals. They are here purely educational purposes. If you find other great videos, you can share them in our forum topics.

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